SLR Lounge Presets Save the Day!

As a Wedding and Portrait Photographer saving time editing is a must. With Thousands of photo to weed through and edit every minute counts. I get asked a lot,  just how am able to have such a great, fast turn around time and such amazing photos to boot? Well I couldn't do it alone. First off Lightroom has been my best friend ever since we met. I would hate to ever let her go! HAHA. I love everything about it. And after years of learning everything the program can do I hardly ever need to use any other program besides Lightroom, it's the best thing for any wedding photographers business.

Secondly to speed up my editing process I was in search of what Lightroom calls presets. I tried making some of my own which was time consuming and I found I just kept making new presets and never really used them more than once for specific photos and started clogging up my side preset bar. I spent more time searching for that preset I used last year than editing. So my journey began searching the web for presets.  I downloaded countless trial presets online to try them out, but I never really liked how they were organized or how they looked. And they didn't really gave me any options.   Finally I came across SLR LOUNGE's V5 preset system. WOW! Why couldn't  I have thought of this system. Simple to use, easy to adjust, and thousand of combinations of editing possibilities.  I loved the organization of the presets and how you can layer them to your liking then go back later and make subtle changes easily.  Now that I have been using them for nearly a year they have made my life easier.  Some of my favorite presets are ones that modify curves and give me that great film look as you see below. I would have never thought of adjusting curves until now.  I also love the Black and White presets as well. Now I do not have to export to third party apps to get that rich look.  The presents can found here if you are interested in seeing their capabilities! 

Thanks for listening and hope this give you some in sight to the wonderful world of editing!

A special thanks to all of our clients for all your support.