Photographer Mark Black grew up in the small mountain town of Woodland Park, Colorado. Then moving through-out the state and finally settled in Fort Collins, Colorado where he graduated with his focus on the art of media and communication. He continued his schooling at the Denver Institute of Film and Video where he studied and perfected the art of composition, lighting and design.

During the course of his childhood and education he was always surrounded by the camera, taking pictures on his own as early as eight years old up to now pursuing it as his career. Where his love for photographing everything and anything has turned in to his livelyhood and passion, and always striving to photograph something new and unique.

Mark surrounds himself with his beautiful Wife and four daughters who have given him the love and support to better himself and always try to go above and beyond the normal call of duty.

In addition to photography Mark also works part time at the the Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall. He has the title of "Head Carpenter" and "Stage Manager" and has the enjoyment of working with many exciting and talented people.